Dr. Jodi Stoner and Lori Gersh Weiner
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Good Manners
Are Contagious

Why Manners

Quite frankly, we wrote this book because we are fed up with encountering rude and discourteous children, parents, employees everywhere we turn. Parents and children both throw temper tantrums in the supermarket - others just push you out of the way to get in front of you in line. Road rage is outrageous and customer service is just a thing of the past. Sound all too familiar? Oh, and let's not forget about business personnel that put you on hold and never comes back!

Disrespect is rampant and getting worse. Then - there is a consistent misuse of cell phones, texting, sexting, etc. Parents feel stressed, overworked, overburdened and have back- burnered teaching manners and proper protocol. Sadly, this lack of decorum and civility has filtered down to our youth and will eventually be the complete demise of manners for Generation Z (those born between 2001 - 2021.)

What can we do?

1. Become vigilant with in-the-moment manner training. Don't allow celebrity manner meltdowns to go unnoticed with your children. Tell them that these behaviors are unacceptable and let them know that sincere apologies should be forthcoming.

2. Watch TV with your children and explain why Simon Cowell is really NOT funny hurting young talent. Don't allow your children to take this rude and discourteous behavior from the couch to the classroom.

3. We have lost our ability to be accountable for what we say and do. Deliver on the promises that you make to your children - enjoy a relationship of mutual respect within the home.

4. Respect Rocks! The investment you make in teaching your child good manners is the foundation for future success and will last a lifetime.

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