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Good Manners
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Ronni Litz Julien MS RD

"Since parenting children does not come with a parenting manual, be sure to hold Good Manners are Contagious close to your heart; it is a critical and significant piece to good child rearing. What a fantastic book-especially for today's generation, and the generations to come."

Ronni Litz Julien, MS, RD/LDN (Nutritionist/Author)

Dr Tom Moskowitz PhD

You hear it everywhere--people bitterly complaining about the loss of civility in our culture making our world a less inviting and more annoying place to live in--yes, it was bad enough that my recent flight left six hours late, that the airline personnel seemed not to care at all, and the screaming children pushing over and around us made it doubly stressful. "What has gone wrong here?" we all ask, and the explanations are numerous--yet the important question is, what can be done about it and how?

Well, the best How-To manual I have read in a very long time exists now--Good Manners are Contagious. These two highly-certified women, with extensive backgrounds in etiquette and personal/professional development, have given us the blueprint for successful and satisfying interactions among children, adults, and families. The messages are clear and the results are spectacular--when kids behave better and their parents feel competent - We All Win. In an environment that is increasingly complex and stressful, we really can make it a kinder, gentler world and Good Manners are Contagious shows us exactly how with concise directives and good humor. Let me also add that if you had the opportunity to meet the authors' children, you would know it really works. Now adults, each one of them is an accomplished professional whose grace and good cheer makes them a pleasure to be with. This is not another book about the problem and the theories--this guide provides solutions and believe me, it's Contagious. Dr. Tom Moskowitz,
Clinical Psychologist

Ronnie Ellen Kramer PhD

The timing couldn’t be better for this book! Now more than ever, parents, teachers and others who work with young children can use this resource to help rebuild self-esteem and self-respect in today’s kids--creating a foundation for their future success. In this guide, Lori and Jodi have creatively combined their years of experience helping young people to develop to their fullest potential. Kudos to both for providing us with a practical guide full of great ideas that can easily be implemented at home and school.

Ronnie Ellen Kramer, Ph.D.
President, Communication Dynamics, Inc.

Meidad Goldman MD

Dr. Stoner has provided an invaluable resource to help parents teach their children resiliance and self-respect in the face of today's life challenges. She has an examplary reputation as a mental health professional working with families. Not only is she involved in community leadership and work with charities, she also has many years of experience helping families in crisis and is passionate about her work. Dr. Stoner shares her knowledge and insight in this must-read book on "modern manners", proving real life solutions to today's parents. Meidad Goldman, MD

Dana McMillan PhD

Lori and I worked together for several years in a school that trained students for employment in their chosen field. Lori was an outstanding Career Services Director and took personal pride in every student that found a job and ultimately became successful. Exemplifing kindness and compassion, she was an inspiration to everyone she worked with and to everyone who was lucky enough to have a "personal recruiter" work on their behalf.
Dana McMillan, PhD

Signi Page MD

As a psychiatrist who has encountered many struggling families, I meet many parents who are concerned with the very problems Dr. Stoner addresses in this book. I am sure the real-world advice given here, written by a professional with many years of experience working with families, will provide a much-needed resource for parents today.

Signi Page, MD


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