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Good Manners are Contagious

Read this - not those! An edgy, sophisticated approach - not a desk reference book, but real-life instruction and strategies that teach manners+ life-skills + self-esteem = true life success for your child.

Filled with numerous entertaining illustrations, this book covers relevant and challenging topics. You will love the tips, examples and real-life insider information from these expert authors!

$18.00 Free Shipping

Bib and Onesie

Shop Smart, Savvy and SAVE when you buy our bib and onesie together. Spread the word that you have an Amazing, Kind Kid in Training.

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For those special people in your life - the perfect gift for baby showers, housewarming, birthdays,thank you,holidays and special occasions.

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It's Cool To Be Kind - Long sleeve T Shirt

Our coolest Respectful Expression t-shirts. Now YOU can be part of this growing trend that It's Cool to be Kind!

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Peace - Love - Respect T Shirt

Our best-selling t-shirt says it all!   Our Peace, Love and Respect t-shirt inspires Peace on earth,  Love for humanity, and Respect for our environment.

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Respect Rocks T Shirtt

Rock with us in our Respect Rocks t-shirt!  Inspired and created with true fashion sense, this trendy t-shirt was designed specifically to reinforce the message to be respectful!

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