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1. When invited out to lunch or dinner, can I order anything I want? No, not the most expensive meal on the menu, something less to mid-range and only one alcoholic beverage if your host is having one.

If he/she is not, ask if your host if you may order one.

2. If a client asks to be your friend on Facebook, should you decline?

Yes. then politely direct the client to your professional network such as LinkedIn.

3. Must you send a thank you note to a college or for a job offer even if you decline the offer?

Yes, a thank you is always necessary, and one never burns bridges. This can be written in an email however a written note makes you stand out.

4. When leaving the dinner table during the meal to go to the restroom does the napkin get folded next to the plate?

No, the napkin gets placed on the chair.

5. When a woman walks into a room, should a man stand up?

Yes, both men and woman should stand up when someone enters the room.

6. How long do you wait to send a return email ?

Within 24 hours

7. When reaching for the bread do you pass it to the left?

Yes. Bread is passed to the left. All other foods are passed on the right.

8. Is it okay to answer your cell phone during a business lunch if you apologize and then excuse yourself?

No. Cell phones need to be turned off and out of sight unless you are expecting a true emergency call. Preface this before your business meal starts.

9. When your boss enters the room who do you introduce first?

Your boss is always introduced first.

10. When you attend a funeral should you send flowers?

First check your local paper. Some family members request that no flowers be sent, but will accept donations to a charity. Also, it is customary in some cultures to send food. A sympathy card is always in good taste. Most importantly, your participation shows the bereaved that you care.

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