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"Since parenting children does not come with a parenting manual, be sure to hold Good Manners are Contagious close to your heart; it is a critical and significant piece to good child rearing. What a fantastic book-especially for today's generation, and the generations to come."

Ronni Litz Julien, MS, RD/LDN (Nutritionist/Author)

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Respect Rocks is the anecdote to counter "Who Cares, So What, and Why Bother". Unfortunately, many adults either don't know how to "do the right thing" or they simply don't care. And since children imitate what they see adults do, having self-respect and learning to respect others may not be getting the "respect" it deserves. Our platform, Respect Rocks, challenges you to take a stand and reinforce the importance of self and mutual respect in your home, business, community - and the world!

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