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Good Manners
Are Contagious


Impact and Transform Your Community

In the wake of our potential economic crisis and otherwise uncertain times, civility and good manners are needed now more than ever. Change will not happen unless we take an active role to promote it and live it. THE TIME FOR CHANGE IS NOW!

The following are some benefits of living in a community that's engaged in teaching and reinforcing respect and civility:

Goal: To create an atmosphere where people are more respectful, patient, polite, responsible and kind. To heighten community awareness through community workshops, community events, Rally's for Respect, school-wide contests, Model Citizen Awareness Day, and wearing/passing along our Spread the Word wristbands which will perpetuate and promote high ideals and values.

Benefits: When we create a positive and respectful environment, we also create dignity, humility and pride in the place where we live and work. Also, creating an attractive community blueprint attracts those who live outside of our community bringing in those who want to visit or relocate for business or pleasure. Additional advantages that define our community standards include: respecting authority figures, our environment, our pets and wildlife.

Our Vision: To collaborate with community leaders, organizations, institutions, government agencies, charities, and all other enlightened advocates to make the community a kinder, more respectful place to live and visit; and for vacationers to leave your town feeling they were treated with respect and dignity.

Challenge your city/town/community to become America's Most Mannerly City and challenge other neighboring cities to do the same.

What you can do to Make a Difference: Start Now! Meet and greet your neighbors by name; Treat others with respect and make them feel important and valued; Use local merchants and develop relationships with them, and become involved in your town meetings and other civic activities where your ideas can make a difference!

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