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Mounting rudeness and disrespect in the work environment are the principal complaints of employees everywhere. In fact, is it any wonder that a report released by The Conference Board, 55% of people polled dislike going to work everyday - when voice mails promise "that you will hear back from me by the end of the day." and, of course, no one calls you back. And, that's not even the half of it.

How well you communicate can make or break your professional image, influence how others view your work and, judge your work performance. What you say, the manner in which you express them, and your emotional tone is pivotal for employment success. Furthermore, what you say you will do - does matter! Have you (or someone you know) lost credibility? Have you said or have you heard someone else say, "I'll call you later" or "I'm almost finished with the project" when you know there is no follow through? Why do some people promise what they can't or won't deliver? Are you aware that credibility takes years to build and seconds to destroy? It takes less than a minute to write a responsive email. If you are the violator of credibility, the people who once trusted you will be skeptical of what you say and represent. You must be authentic to be trusted.

Top 10 business savvy manner tips:

1. Most employees seem to avoid embarrassing or sticky situations, but it's very rude to "text" an answer back. These sticky situations require person to person contact. In your own office, don't email when you can (and should) verbalize something to a coworker. Only use email when you need a definitive record of the conversation.

2. Your appearance speaks volumes. You were hired to represent your company in the most professional manner possible. Dress for success - whether its a suit, a uniform, business casual - your clothing should always be neat and clean. Another note - Casual Friday does not mean flip flops, torn jeans and midriff tops.

3 Don't chew gum and NEVER in front of customers.

4. Be accountable and responsible for your mistakes - make sure the apology is genuine, correct it and move on from it.

5. Show respect for everyone's work space. Cubicle living is difficult enough without invading someone's privacy. Take private matters out of the office area altogether.

6. Be discreet and compassionate in your constructive criticism of a co-worker. Don't gossip, never make sexist/prejudiced comments.

7. Avoid distractions when speaking with others such as lip licking, hair twirling, finger tapping. These are annoying and unprofessional. When speaking don't laugh, use words such as like (as in "like I was there yesterday") um, sorta, or any other filler words. Use buzz words cautiously.

8 Always be respectful to those older than yourself even if they are junior to you in the company.

9. If you are the supervisor - empower your employees to want to make a difference with service, attitude, and achievements .

10. Everyday courtesies like please, thank you, excuse me, never get old. Not only are they appreciated, they open doors and they are contagious!

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