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Attitude of gratitude

Five simple ways to make a difference in your life everyday:

1. Count your blessings everyday. First thing in the morning, as soon as your eyes open - name everything in your life that brings you happiness and peace.

2. Remember everyday that people who are grateful are less stressed, less depressed, have better job satisfaction, better relationships and have overall happier lives.

3. Nothing is more important than finding YOUR PURPOSE for being alive.

4. The most essential workout you can do for yourself isn't for your body but for your soul.

5. The difference between Success and Failure is how you COPE with adversity - attitude is everything - no one goes through life without issues!

Jodi and Lori's Personal Tips for Grateful Living:

1. Start your weekly board meeting telling the board members what YOU are grateful for.

2. On each day of your calendar, every morning, jot down one thing that you are grateful for. When problems arise, look at your calendar.

3. Start your family meetings or family game night telling each other what you are grateful for.

4. When someone goes over and beyond the call of their job description, write a letter of recommendation to Human Resources on his/her behalf.

5. In this very difficult economy, verbalize what you do have, not what you don't have.

6. Go out of your way to do "purposeful acts of kindness."

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